• Treka L. House

Give Yourself Grace

"The moment I knew I had fallen in love with her, is when she stared at me approvingly through a glass that was an exact reflection of me. That day she stole my heart." --Treka L. House

For so long I couldn't accept the imperfections in myself or others. I didn't allow myself the grace of mistakes and I made myself suffer and many times, others suffered too. I'm more realistic now, rather than being idealistic. I understand that happiness is nothing like television or fairytales, real life involves storms. I know that people are human and perception can be misleading, depending on what's going on inside. I'm now more forgiving of my flaws and so appreciative of what self-reflection as granted me. I'm learning to give others a pass as I give myself more acceptance. Looking inside is more than just seeing all that needs repairing, it's also witnessing the things inside that don't need to be touched at all. It's a process of realization and acceptance, as they go hand and hand. When you're able to be honest with yourself about yourself and face where you are, compared to where you need to be, growth is then launched. You can't walk around worrying about who doesn't approve of you being you, you have to be grateful for how you feel about yourself. If there is something that you wish to change, change it. It's that simple. The hard part may be trying to figure out what caused you to get to the point you're at and facing that. I am a firm believer that no one is the way they are just because. Life happened to us all in various ways and sometimes we give situations and people too much power and too much life over our lives. We are in control of who we choose to be, even if it's a challenge getting there. Sit down with yourself and figure you out. No one knows you better than you, no matter how others want to. Explore your disappointments, secrets, pain and watch how it generates your purpose. This is your life and fortunate for you, you don't have to be perfect. No one is. Love, nurture and embrace the components that make you unique. There's no need to feel as if you have to walk the walk that someone says you should. Make a vow to be sweet to yourself. Face yourself in the mirror and say, "I love you, just as you are. I will now make you a daily priority. I will carve out precious moments just for you. If others don't understand that, that's fine. It's okay if you don't get it perfect everytime. I will forgive you and move on. Say no when you can't and be alright with that. Give yourself some grace, you deserve it."

Be Happy My Lovebugs!!​

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