Treka L. House is the mother of two adorable children. When she's not busy writing; she’s spending time the ones she love, laughing contagiously and being a motivator for whoever needs it. Nothing is more important to her than family and good energy. She's also a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Her motto is: Be of purpose. Be of service.

Books have always been a part of her life, she just never imagined writing one. Treka’s love for writing stemmed from her love for reading. When she was a little girl, her mother ordered her the collection of Disney books, which she would often re-read, just to take that adventure again and again. When she became of school age, the school library was her favorite part of school, which prompted her father to introduce her to the endless possibilities of potential reads at the public library. She now shares that tradition with her own children. It wasn’t until high school when she realized that she had a talent for writing, and her college professors and friend’s encouraging compliments about her writing set off the light bulb that writing may be an option. Not only was she a gifted writer, but the early childhood years of reading, sharpened her imagination. She then found herself becoming just as lost in writing, as she did reading. Writing became restorative and exciting for her. She knew then, writing was no longer just an option, it was her true passion. 

Breaking Point is her debut as an author. It's a fictional piece written to feel realistic and insightful. Treka’s goal was to touch on everyday issues. Her desire was to write something entertaining; yet purposeful and genuine, something she successfully accomplished. Treka L. House is an author with therapeutic capabilities, yearning to free her readers through her charming, relatable words. There is more to come from this author, so stay tuned.

Here are a few self-confessed intimate details about Treka: I adore my children’s skin against mine, it’s a reminder of God’s love for me. I feel that my compassion is a gift and a curse. I don’t fall easily, but I do love hard. I value quality over quantity, and time over things. Words invade my thoughts, often waking me from a deep sleep and requiring me to get up and write. I love the sound of the ocean and the feeling of sand between my toes, it’s quite calming. I believe that everything happens for a reason, even if it hurts. Smiles take my breath away. Laughter is what I crave often, and believe it or not, I’m quite funny.  The moonlight feels like love, the stars feel like hope and the sun feels like promise to me. I could watch any kind of movie everyday, and sometimes they make me cry. The Hallmark Channel is my favorite, because it encourages optimism and brightens a dreary day. I select nail polish as a daily mood booster. I’m simple, and I’m the happiest when I’m home or with my family. I self-reflect often and no longer expect perfection from myself or others; but I do require consistency. I’m southern from my dialect to my hospitality to the way I like my catfish fried. I’m a cancer, so of course I’m emotional, which is my greatest strength. I try to live everyday expecting the best, because I’m constantly reminded that there has never been anything I’ve wanted, that God didn’t provide. 



"Let no one box you. Creation intended for you to be many amazing things, for many incredible reasons. If you accept limits on your life, you'll never see how far you were meant to go." --Treka L. House