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How To Survive The Haters

Sometimes you have to walk away from people who diminish your existence in their lives, never to look back. Everyone doesn’t deserve your presence, remind yourself of that. —Treka L. House

So clearly this is for someone in need of encouragement. I want to take this moment to uplift you and motivate you to hold your head high.

So as you sit back and look over your life, you're grateful right? You can clearly see the struggles you've endured, victories won and lessons learned. You've loved, lost; yet you’ve still gained. You're humble, and appreciative for the patience to stay the course. There is nothing but gratitude in your heart for making it to a place, you only envisioned and hoped for. You're feeling rather accomplished, as you should. Not for out doing someone in a competition, but for simply making it out of the fight alive. While you're in praise mode, there is one or more people lurking, watching you in envy. You may know this and you may not. They are more than just upset with your progress in life. Many of them have no information on what you've experienced on your trip to get here, and they are too upset with your life being compared to theirs, to even care. They may have even contributed to many of the stumbling blocks on your journey. To be honest, they are really upset that despite it all — you still made it.

Yes, you did —you made it darling, even if there were people who prayed that you wouldn't and tried to convince you that you wouldn't. You did it! You jumped every huddle. You may have tripped, but you never fell. Now whoever "they" are, are angry, envious and threatened. Oh no, not because of something you did to them. But in view of the fact of something they have not been able to do for themselves. Sure, they will celebrate you when everyone is watching and listening, they don't want to be seen as the jealous "maddie" they are; still, your existence is torturous. They may eventually try to drag you down by discrediting your accomplishments, making you feel like you think you're better than others, or making you seem neglectful as you change. By the way, only a fool stays the same. Be mindful, that this is a ploy to make you second guess your prosperity. They feel slighted, inferior and unnoticeable when you're around. They are mad as hell since you remind them of something they aren't, and may never be, on the account of them being too busy trying to invalidate you; rather than driving themselves.

Now I know what you're thinking. What makes me this special? Who would be envious of "lil ole" me? What did I do to bring about this negativity? It's simple, you believe in God, while he believes in you. That makes your actuality as powerful as you believe it to be, and you believed my dear. You believed, so now you are living in your earned moment.

On your personal quest for peace, love, understanding and favor, you didn't see the narcissist(s) or hater(s) within your circle. You were too focused on making your dreams come true and creating the life you deserve. They tried to throw up smoke screens, discourage you, toss slick jabs and plant doubt; fortunately it didn't stop you. They were so clever that you probably viewed it as them being realistic, and you were right. It was realistic, but for them and not you. As you continue to grow, there will be people jealous of your perseverance, intimidated by your will power, bitter about your blessings and salty about your satisfaction in life. They will view your successes as their failures. They will try to breath hell into your happiness and spread confusion throughout your journey. You'll think that you can love them into loving you or prove you're not an enemy; however, they only want from you, what benefits them. Nothing you do will help the relationship, it'll simply give them more time to attack you. The level of compassion you wish to give, will never be appreciated, it will only hinder your growth and set you back spiritually. With every exchange between you and them, you are only transferring energy from you to them, allowing yourself to be drained.

It doesn't matter if that person is your mother, father, partner, sibling, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend or coworker; you have to give yourself permission to stop fighting for a dead situation. A fight can neither be won nor lost, if only one person is fighting. It takes two for there to actually be a fight. Letting go isn't always about giving up or meeting defeat, sometimes it is about loving yourself the way you're trying to love someone else. You have to be honest with yourself and realize that some things weren't meant to be. It takes realizing that some people are merely a temporary vessel for your permanent purpose. They can't follow you into your new chapter or there may not be a next chapter. Now hold on, remember that by cutting them off, it won't erase the damage; nevertheless, it grants you the opportunity to start fresh. Respect yourself, end the cycle and cut your circle .

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