• Treka L. House

No More Blinders

Freedom is not a privilege, it's a right. Not a right for certain people, but for all people. Understand that life is more than but a dream, it's what we write in the stars for ourselves. Decide to write something purposeful, solid and with the ability to multiply. Your role is unique, make them remember you. --Treka L. House

There is an influential and attractive power in knowing who you are, while refusing to allow anyone to distract you from your plan for yourself. Conformity is a control mechanism used to turn us into robots, ensuring that we remain within a bubble of designated limitations. Within this bubble, in which we allow ourselves to be placed, we give our consent for our unique abilities to be stunted rather than exercised. Nothing can be strengthened, if it’s not utilized. If your individuality, thoughts, artistry or beliefs are not employed on a consistent basis, they become weak and compliance becomes indestructible. Many will read this and proclaim individuality and I will stubbornly beg to differ. That’s because I’m in constant observation of myself and others. I pay close attention to trends and trends are comfortable for people. There is barely any originality in lieu of the desire to fit the ever-changing molds that society has shaped as a sense of normality. Is normal real? It just sounds like another excuse to reduce unconventionality in fear of others surpassing the mental superiority one has developed as a means of self-esteem for themselves. Unfortunately, it has yet to be discovered for the false sense of validation in which it is.

I am not a huge football fan, honestly, I have not been interested in the game since college. Recently, I started watching the games with my husband and of course, Cam Newton is popular for his talent on the field; but for me he stands out due to his unwillingness to be anything other than who he said he would be. This African-American professional football player, and obvious role model, is teaching those who aspire to be him, that it’s more important to be yourself. He is unapologetically comfortable with his own journey, with no desire to transform because his comfort with self makes someone else anxious. Thank you Cam! We should all pursue this mentality. Additionally, we can’t forget Beyonce’s new record, Formation, which has become a controversial record. It’s hilarious that as long as this beautiful black woman is singing what has been deemed acceptable, she’s an idle to all. The moment she releases a powerful piece of art, linked to her ancestry and unjust truth, she’s condemned. Thank you Beyonce for using your influential platform to remind us that we are beautiful, relevant and powerful; with every remarkable feature we possess.

I am impressed, which is rare, since many people from my particular community has not taken the time to gain an understanding of themselves or what makes them amazingly different. Our culture is too busy trying to awe others, who sell us a false sense of self-confirmation; while in fact, those same individuals are equally unsure of their purpose, what makes them special and who is uneasy with their own unmatched distinctiveness. This has led to a cycle of self-hate and a need to recycle fabricated self-love. Our society has spread an epidemic of thirst, for constant affirmation, at the cost of self-respect. Unbeknownst to us, this psychology is planted, watered and encouraged to grow starting at home. Children are encouraged to be like this person or that person, instead of being motivated to be who they were designed to be. From childhood to adulthood, those particular individuals are left skeptical regarding their own identity; which forces outbursts and unacceptable reactions. This is undeniably an encrypted message that is passed down from generation to generation, in order to hold us back from progression. If you’re honest with yourself about yourself, you can acknowledge the success of this method. We are living in a world of false evolution, meaning nothing has really changed, it is just decorated nicely to make us believe it is.

Its Black History Month and many of us are celebrating a limited history, much of which has been altered to fit a vision for the black community. In my opinion, it is long overdue that we seek to understand where we originated from, in an effort to positively influence where we should be going. While it is exceedingly important to honor those who have made it possible for us to reclaim our freedom; it’s also time to restructure our position in order to redesign the foundation for an improved history for generations to come. It is time to be a culture and community of purpose; living in uniformed, selfless action. We were created to serve; yet we live to only serve ourselves. Before you can identify with anyone else, first identify with yourself. Then and only then, will a movement be truly effective. Refuse to sacrifice yourself any longer to qualify for a political seat that wasn’t designed to elevate you, yet it was created to suppress your predestined role. Proclaim no more blinders and it shall be!

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