• Treka L. House

Your Journey, Your Blessings -Their Issue!

The moment that you realize that running yourself raggedy to outdo the blessings of others isn't working, is the moment you might start to receive your own. There is absolutely nothing you can do to stop the progress of someone else. Use your time to be productive with yourself. -Treka L. House

Social media has ruined the thought process of so many people. Even those you want to respect and be inspired by are negatively directed by the pretentious nature of an everchanging community. So many are afraid that one or more will exceed them in life. With that thought, envy and cattiness becomes dominant. The world is now driven by a culture adhering to the notion that it's perfectly acceptable to paint a picture of a life that is flawless and doesn't really exist. Social media has created a platform where individuals feel comfortable being boastful, while masking it with testimonies. There is a huge difference in being confident and being arrogant and/or being boastful and having a testimony. This society has made it a norm to "one up" someone, while wording it perfectly enough to get away with it. It's unfortunate that we have lost a nation of people to the poison of insecurity.

Every person on earth was born with their own path and their specific journey to get there. Your success is not meant to level up with others. You will not always gain entry into the profession of your dreams. You will not always share the same educational standing as someone else. You may not be able to have the children you dreamed of or marry the person you hoped you would. You will not always be connected to those you want to be. You may never become famous. You will be rejected for some of the things you desire most, no matter how much effort you put into accomplishing them. Those things are and were simply not meant for you, they were not assembled as a part of your journey. You merely have to be thankful and seek what is for you. Always be encouraged and mindful that your decisions should always be centered around what's best for you; yet not harming others. What God has for you, will always be for you. You don't have to compete with anyone or try to exceed their blessings; it's impossible, since what's for them is for them. That energy is best burned on yourself and pushing yourself to the level you were created to be on. It's of bad taste and character to throw envious shade toward people you feel are superseding you in life, when you may feel they shouldn't. It's distasteful to waste valuable energy trying to tear others down in an effort to build yourself up. It's of poor integrity to not be genuine in your support of others, just because they are in a position that you feel you should be in. No matter how it's worded, it's a clear sign of insecurity. Secure people are confident, while insecure people are presumptuous. There is definitely a difference. If you find it hard to compliment or support others, it's time to self-reflect. You in fact have some major work to do on how you feel about yourself.

No amount of negativity has the strength or ability to hinder the blessings God has for us. What malicious behavior will do though, is block the blessings of those being spiteful and not being humble. So be protective of your energy, everyone isn't positioned to replenish you. Some will in fact deplete you and distract you from your path. We are all fortunate enough to be a rare creation, crafted by God and so is our life. There is not a person within this universe without purpose. We were not created to impress others for personal gain. We have a divine destiny.

Never accept the negative vibes of individuals whose issues are not with you, but with how they ultimately feel about themselves. They're actions are an obvious sign of their distain for who they see in the mirror. That is why you have to take the criticism from others with a grain of salt. Every word spewed isn't for us, it's for who we represent versus who that person is. That is why it's so valuable to be intuned with yourself. That's why it's important to understand how much your creator has appraised you. Humans have too many factors that distort the vision of themselves, to the point where we can't always trust how they view us. Continue to pursue what's for you and maintain a clean heart while doing so.

Blessings are bound to overtake you, let it.

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