• Treka L. House

So What You're Your #1 Fan

Just because people aren't clapping for you, doesn't mean you're failing. Never give up on yourself. -- Treka L. House

Truthfully, someone not being supportive often has a lot to do with them personally, than it does with you. You may never discover what ignited such a fickle attitude in someone you expected to have your back. Self-doubt is the murderer to many relationships, no matter the relationship. It's unfortunate, but life can sometimes turn us into mirrors for those around us, forcing them to self-reflect. What I mean by that is, when you discover your talent or passion and you begin to pursue it, instead of that inspiring everyone around us; it tends to intimidate some. It impels them to view themselves and recognize their shortcomings. It's not easy for many to accept that what's for you is for you and what's for them is for them. We were blessed enough to be unique and to bear gifts that are distinctive to who we are.

The shame comes when people in this world can't be okay with not shining all the time. Everyone has a season and we should clap for others doing their season. However, when people fail to show their support, we have to appreciate what they do show us. We have to embrace the fact that we might have to be our own #1 fan, for a short time or even forever. The great part to this is, who can clap for you louder than you. You know what you want for yourself, where you started and where you want to end. You'll be better able to appreciate your journey, all while being loyal to your movement. You'll be fortunate enough to a positive, untainted path to your dream. It may be disheartening, but your prosperity has the ability to be more consistent if you expect no pats on the back from anyone, by simply being happy with your own progress. So what, they have issues and can't cheer you on. It doesn't mean you aren't winning. You're a winner, just because you think you're one.

Never allow the insecurities of others to stop your elevation to a greatness designed specifically for you!


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