• Treka L. House

It Costs Nothing To Cheer For Others

"Let us make history and not just for ourselves, but for those who feel like making history is not possible." -- Treka L. House

The support Taraji P. Henson showed to Regina King and Viola Davis during their Emmy wins was absolutely amazing. It was genuine and completely overwhelming. It got me to thinking how rare that type of support really is, though I must say that Monica Brown(my favorite) is always showing love to everyone. There is not an occasion that goes by that she isn’t supporting her family, friends and fellow artists. It’s absolutely inspiring to watch someone of her caliber, selflessly supporting other people in their pursuits. Being the cheerleader for others is a free and effortless gesture. If any person feels as if it takes energy or a profit to simply say, “I’m proud of you” or “go support Jane or John”, then it’s self-reflection time. There could quite possibily be some issues that need addressing. Issues that may not be directly recognized. No matter how many excuses are made, it’s possible that one may be too resentful of their own situation to commend someone else. It costs absolutely nothing to like a page, post or announcement, especially if it’s positive. There are no rules that says anyone has to be friends with someone to compliment their accomplishments or great news. People should be willing and eager to pick up the phone and share moments of excitement with those they love. Even if a person feels that they aren’t where they should be in life, that shouldn’t hinder them from supporting someone who is. Furthermore, be sincere and without an agenda in endorsements for others. Unfortunately, there are people in this world who find it hard to be happy for others, particularly if they feel nothing is going right for them.

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