• Treka L. House

Broken Perfection

"Happiness is when you find yourself smiling so hard it hurts, for no apparent reason. It doesn't mean everything in your life is going according to plan, it just means embracing what is. Choose to be happy, despite it all." --Treka L. House

Brokenness is such a debilitating culprit. Its seeking to kill, steal and destroy everyone crippled by its deceit of self-worth. It's plaguing our society and snatching those we love; whether that's mentally, spiritually and sometimes physically. There's a certain darkness roaming the earth and it's gaining power, hungry for the thrill of the steal. It's lurking and sneaking into minds, hiding behind smiles, peeking around egos and partially blanketed by accomplishments until it eventually overwhelms the soul and crushes it. Vulnerabilities aren't welcomed in our culture, because although it's suppose to be used to enhance communication and create a more personal understanding, it's often used as a weapon to further break us. So many of us pretend we have no weaknesses, no worries. We want those watching us to believe our life is perfect and we are unbothered. And some people are superficial enough to actually believe it, sometimes wishing they were in another's shoes. Often times that's the furtherest thing from the truth. We have to be very careful what we wish for. The broken pieces are real. It used to be just tears smeared all over the pieces, now this brokenness is covered in blood. There is someone we love right now that appears to be fine and have it altogether, but in reality, they are dying inside. It's that person that has given those they love, subtle clues either through words or through the act of seclusion. They appear strong, but only because that's what life said they had to be. They don't feel comfortable enough to reveal their imperfections, yet they long to be heard and they desire to be saved.

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