• Treka L. House

Purposeful Existence

If I don't encourage and inspire, I'm not living in my purpose and that in itself is disappointing. --T. L. House

Life is about discovering the purpose for your existence; not for the sake of shaping and shifting your life for the vain applauds of this world. Too many of us thrive off recognition. Glitz and glamour is not a part of your work here, it's merely a distraction from fulfilling something divine and spiritually gifted. Facades, egos, insensitivity, selfishness and superficiality controls many of us like pawns in a chess game. We modify our surface selves to shape shift with the world, yet our true selves never waiver, but this act indeed hinders our place in life and progress to the next level. We are not vulnerable enough in fear of appearing substandard, so we become robots; owned and operated by our egos. The stronger we wish to look, the weaker we actually become.

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