• Treka L. House


"It is not until you see who you are, when you realize who you are not. Let no one define you. Be mindful that you are who you practice being." --T. L. House

Isn’t it crazy how we work so hard to be normal, to be practical? Stop reading for a second and think about that. Just who made normal a way of life? I think it was someone who became afraid to be themselves, in fear of abandonment, so normal became that thing that is now our prison. In other words, we allow someone else’s pessimism and doubt to become our own and hinder our desires. We weren’t designed to fall into the same box or to be boxed at all. Not one of us wear the same face. Look around you, even identical twins have that one thing that distinguishes them from the other. We are so fortunate to have different voices, a varying tone when we speak. Though some of us may share the same eye color, we still see life unlike no other. But instead of us embracing what we adore, what pulls euphoria from us, we conform. We all decide we want the same kind of mate, house, cars, clothing and even the same acceptance. If life doesn’t happen for us in that normal form, we reject it until we have that regularity pushed on us. We willingly give ourselves away to be someone else, whether we admit it or not. We are scared to be the first ones to do something. We don’t want to fail, we are terrified of rejection. We have no faith in ourselves, so we shut down and walk the path of comfort. The problem is we aren’t really as comfortable as we think, because we aren’t doing what we really want. But hey that’s alright, since there is security in what’s comfortable. Right? Do we really want comfortable? I’m talking about in not just one part of our life, I’m speaking on every aspect of our life. There’s no effort or nothing special in that comfort. Being like Bob, John, Sarah and Jane isn’t comfortable, in view of the fact that we're working to be like someone else. It’s so much easier being who we were created to be. We're unique and we can’t very well expect to be where our heart is pulling us, if we stand where someone else wants us to stand or if we're working to be like someone else. There is no true fulfillment or success if we don’t follow our own destiny. Break the stupid rules of what’s normal as long it doesn’t hurt anyone else and has the capability to elevate you. Free yourself from the chains of what they expect from you and deliver to this world those gifts that were given specifically to you. Define yourself.

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