• Treka L. House

Be Your First Help-Meet

"Take chances on yourself more. You are definitely worth the effort." --T. L. House

Life can be a bit overwhelming and when it does become too tough; which it will sometimes, there may be no words to resolve it. Despite the fact that I am a firm believer in speaking to someone about personal issues, experiences have taught me that it's absolutely necessary to have intimate moments with oneself. Occasionally, it truly takes sitting in your own silence, separating yourself from everyone else to come to a resolution for you. If that silence means thinking, journaling, praying or crying; as long as you're positively commited to yourself, it should make for a powerful release. Gaining someone else's insight on your thoughts or situation isn't always warranted, it can often be contaminating. The best person to consult with outside of God is self. Knowing yourself makes it easier for you to be able to determine when, why, what and who to communicate with, at what times.

As humans, we have not realized how much of a significant, solid role we play in our own lives. We have to be the ones to be the sound voice for ourselves during moments of frustration. We have to evaluate our lives, experiences, desires and whatever else that has been a key factor in where we are in that moment. It's crucial to give ourselves quality time, undivided attention and honesty about who we are. We have to trust ourselves with our own vulnerable moments, afterall we are our safest confidants. After watching Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and Basketball Wives LA this week, I realized that all of the cast members confide in one another. Though I know the shows are for entertainment, it's just a prime example that no one comforts or counsels themselves. They are always running to someone else to solve their issues, but the problems remain, even if left dominant. You can't expect to be of assistance to anyone else, if you're unable to help yourself. So take time for you, love on you and work toward healing yourself.

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